The Presence of God in a Falsely Installed Contemporary
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Regie: Peter Ott D 2014, 76', HD


"The essence of reality" is a concept of the Iranian theologian scholar Muhammad Husayn Tabataba'i (1904-1981). Basically this would mean: God. With human beings in the game a temporal category has to be added, which in it's statistical dimension would then have to be called "history". After the July war in 2006, Hizbullah promised to rebuild the devastated southern suburbs of Beirut: "adat ajmal" (rebuilding more beautiful). Hizbullah claims to redefine history and, in addition, space. In the cited religious framework this redefinition by the Party of God would take place in a precarious relationship to reality. Researching the religious basis of the urban development project leads the documentary to three questions: 1. the presence of God in history, 2. the problem of controlling optical access 3. the diegetic reality the documentary film has to deal with Rami Hassan / Mleeta Tourist Landmark Mohamad Kawtharani / Resalaat Sayyed Jafaar Fadlallah, Ghassan Rimlawi, Lina Zahwi / Institution of His Eminence the religious Authority Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah Hassan Jishi, Übersetzerin / Waad Rebuild Sheikh Shafiq Jaradi, Mahmoud Youness / Sapiental Knowledge Institute Hadi Safeialdin / Waad Rebuild director, script / Peter Ott dop / Bernd Schoch, Peter Ott music / Finn Mück, Peter Ott thanks to / Haidar Al Saffar, Abir Hashem, Mona Harb, Jasna Zajcek, Louay Basha, Jochen Becker made in the framework of Global Prayers / (initiated by metroZones and carried out in cooperation with Haus der Kulturen der Welt and the European University Viadrina)